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What IAC is all about!

Our Mission:

Inclusion and Change strives to provide high quality adult daytime care services for young adults with special needs, prioritizing socialization, communication, structure, and individually tailored programming.  

Our Vision:

To ensure that young adults with all different needs continue to have social interactions and daytime care and supervision well after high school graduation, in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment. We are working to become a top choice for both clients and caregivers in York Region and strive to provide quality respite for caregivers, who can feel secure knowing that their loved one is being well cared for and individually recognized.

Our Story

Your young adult has been used to their structured high school routine for a number of years. It is our belief that for many people on the spectrum, losing consistent access to that structure and socialization can be detrimental to their development, not to mention downright depressing.


As the director and owner of Inclusion and Change, and as a mom of a 23 year old on the spectrum (PDD and a severe developmental delay), I have seen first-hand the difference that a structured day program can make in a family's life. My son's behavioral needs (loud tantrums when upset, including jumping, screaming, and hitting) excluded him from joining in many social groups, causing isolation and making it almost impossible for me to work outside the home. I saw a tremendous increase in the frequency of his problem behaviors. He couldn't understand why he was no longer allowed to attend school. 


An extensive search for a program that would work with my son and his challenging behaviours, while offering supervision during the day brought troubling results. There were none available.


It is our sincerest hope that the creation of this program will allow your young adult to continue to socialize and grow in an environment similar to school...but with more fun! Our staff is committed to providing a safe and enriching experience for your loved one, tailored uniquely to them. I hope that it will provide, at least for a few families, the security of knowing that there is, finally, somewhere they belong after high school.


With over 20 years of experience with individuals with autism, you can feel secure knowing that we are ready and able to provide specialized care and programming for your loved one. 

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