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Please contact us today to see if our program might be right for you. We're looking forward to meeting you!

We are currently accepting clients!

We are an adult day program providing respite to caregivers by offering a safe and structured program, where young adults with special needs can come to socialize and interact with their community. 

We take extra measures to ensure your family members are safe while attending our program.

Community Outings


As weather permits, we will spend time outside in the community. Walks through Sheppard's Bush, and visits to the park let us get some exercise and engage with others. Dancing in the rain is encouraged.

In the near future we hope to expand our community outings to include trips to the public library, the community center, and more!

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Respite for Caregivers

There is no one who knows your child better than you.


Your young adult is transitioning from high school to something new, and we want to assist you with this transition. We will sit down with you and listen, while you teach us all about your special person and what tools we can use or tweaks we can implement to ensure that you're happy with the care they're getting while in our program.

We will work with you to create individual behavioural and safety plans. Your input and ongoing communication will be our best resource for success when working with your loved one.

(Our Promise to You)

  • Inclusivity and recognition of every individual's strength and range of abilities.

  • Compassionate and respectful care for your loved one, with strong regard for how they relate and integrate within the community.

  • An understanding that social interaction is a core element in individual happiness and self-worth.

  • Fostering teamwork and team play.

  • Facilitating friendships.

  • Safety, security, and understanding of the trust being placed in us by caregivers.

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